The Mural

I, Aram, have had my likeness put on display in a busy thoroughfare in town!

The figure in green is indeed supposed to be me. A Belmont organization created the piece, which you can find on a wall a few lights west of Aram’s Café.

Exact address: Trapelo Road at Beech Street, on the south side.

[click the images for slight enlargements]

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One Response to The Mural

  1. Cesar says:


    Congrats for the 25th anniversary. Welcome to the “Quarter Century Club”.

    Aram’s Cafe in Belmont, MA has become an Institution for the very best in special Breakfasts and Lunches, made right in front of your eyes, with a lot of TLC for miles. And the ambiance must be one of the coziest on all of New England.



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