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From Chris in Cambridge, MA [Feb 2010]: “Found myself in Belmont for an early training, tried out Aram’s for breakfast. Let me tell you, it was great!!!  Super friendly staff, fast service, but the must try is the home made muffins.”

From Charles in Belmont, MA [Feb 2010]:I love Aram’s! My friend and I started going here about 5 years ago. There aren’t too many old school breakfast places like this in the Belmont area.Always good service, good food prepared just the way you like it, and friendly waitstaff! I like that it’s a family business too.”

From Caleb in Belmont, MA [Nov 2009]: “My wife and I live up the street from Aram’s and get breakfast there every Saturday morning since we moved to Belmont. Honestly, i’m shocked it isn’t busier than it is. The waitresses are nice and friendly, the coffee is great and the breakfast food is perfect. Eggs, breakfast meats of a startling variety, toast, muffins…the list goes on. There are even some Armenian omelet choices if you’re looking for something special, but I’m content with the mushroom and cheese omelet with a side of bacon, home fries and multi-grain toast. They also have some sweeter fair for kids: The Belgian waffle with fruit is a tasty and a fairly healthy choice which my wife can’t get enough of. Simply put: The BEST breakfast I’ve ever had! The only downside is that it closes in the early afternoon and it’s cash only, but you should be supporting small businesses with cash payments anyway. :-D

From Daniel in South Waltham, MA [Jun 2009]:Breakfast at Aram’s is always a special occasion, for, squeezed into this little storefront is one of the tastiest little restaurants for miles around. A particular favorite of mine are the muffins. I’d suggest getting the blueberry variety – my personal favorite. Get it to take-out and watch how fast the butter and batter soaks through the bag. It can’t be good for a person’s cardiovascular system but it’s really, really yummy.”

From Matt in Belmont, MA [Dec 2007]: “Aram’s has been here forever and is the go-to place for a quick breakfast. Normal breakfast menu, but the show stopper is the muffins. I think they are made with some insane cake batter, but these things are amazing. If you feel like being a fatty Arbuckle, get one grilled with a bit of butter.

From Josh in Somerville, MA [Oct 2007]: “I ordered an egg omelet with tomatoes and broccoli. I enjoyed my egg omelet. The ingredients were fresh and the omelet was slightly browned perfectly. I thought the homefries were well seasoned as well. This seems like a great local place, and my grandparents mentioned that it attracts a crowd on the weekend. It’s a little on the small side so probably best for group sizes up to four. There is counter as well as booth seating available. The service is fast and friendly. The prices are reasonable as our group of three paid a little more than $20 combined for our meals.

From Anonymous: “Aram’s is a warm and friendly family cafe featuring some standard American diner fare (hearty breakfasts, hamburgers) along with exquisitely prepared dishes such as stuffed grape leaves, tabbouli, hummos, and other delights. Lots of local color, reasonable prices.”

From Anonymous: “I’ve been to Aram’s a dozen times over the past couple years. I try to make a point of dropping in for a good solid reasonably priced breakfast whenever I am in Belmont.”

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